Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Snip Snip Here, Snip Snip There

I loved that scene in the Wizard of Oz when all the characters are at the Emerald City, getting dolled up in the salon. I always wished that scene were longer! I love the buffing machine for the Tin Man, how the Scarecrow gets new straw, Dorothy is rocking fabulous curls and the Cowardly Lion, well...gotta love those fancy bows!

It's just about Back to School time here and that means the boy will need to get a haircut. I've kind of let it go this summer. We had cooler-than-average temperatures which meant his usually very sweaty head wasn't quite so sweaty and I wasn't reminded to give him a crew cut at the beginning of summer like I usually do.

Mr Bedhead last week before we set out for Disneyland. It's about 2" too long here.

Generally, he's happy to just wake up and go. I'm not sure he's ever voluntarily run a comb through his hair. He might let me style it if we're going somewhere special...and by style, I mean add some gel and spike it into a mini-mohawk. Usually he's sporting a newsboy cap, sunhat, ballcap or my fav, the little golfer hat, which I love.

Can't you just picture him in a little European sports car?

This is what his hair looked like when he was a baby. Soft and fluffy and it stood up straight off his head so far that you could see his scalp through it.

Baby Bird with his fluff head

I'd rather not cut his hair so short but I feel like I don't have much of a choice.

Two things:
1. He goes to private school, where no spikes, excessive gelling or hats are allowed.
2. He has weird hair that resists actual style! Multiple cowlicks and his hair grows to a funny point in the front.

Crabby Vampire Baby

This is last year's school picture. Note how short it is, yet those hairs at the front are still pulling themselves, straining to make that point in the center of his forehead?!

Hee-hee, love that one missing tooth spot!

It doesn't really seem to matter actually, how long the hair is because it consistently makes that little swoop in front, as if each hair is determined to make my son into Eddie Munster.



So, I'll put him in the capable hands of the gals at SportClips today and see how it all goes down and post a picture. Perhaps I can talk him into being a vampire for Halloween this year? At least I wouldn't have to draw on a faux widow's peak.

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KJ said...

Such a cutie no matter what hair look ;-)