Monday, April 4, 2011

A Day at the Lake

There are a few things I can count on during a day at the lake.

Despite packing sandwiches, nobody except Dad will want to eat them. Everyone will only want to eat chips and cookies.

And I never seem to pack enough to drink. However, despite the lack of beverages, someone will always have to pee in the bushes.

The kids will always wander off to explore, leaving Dad to man three fishing poles.

But the kids were always there to hand off more Powerbait when Dad needed it.

This one will always end up shirtless at some point during the day!

The fish is going to wiggle and scare the pants off someone (usually me!).

But everyone has a good laugh about it in the end.

It's always a great day spent together, even if they don't catch a thing. Fortunately this time they came home with four trout!


Anonymous said...

You are so funny! Looks like a great day! What is Powerbait?

Julie said...

Powerbait is a jar of neon sticky stuff that you mold together and form into a ball on your hook. It has some sort of smelly permeation that fish love. Plus you can always tell if fish have had a bite on it because if you reel in your line, the Powerbait ball will be flat instead of round!
So much I've learned...but I won't touch the stuff, it smells awful!

Jenn said...

Love it!!!!