Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Random Wednesday - Easter Edition

It's Easter in our house.


The first thing I put up was this lovely "stained glass" tissue paper artwork that The Boy made in school this year. It looks especially pretty when the light shines through it, of course.

I got his permission to throw out a paper bunny rabbit basket that he'd made in Kindergarten last year. The bunnies eyes were a little weird and frankly, the thing frightened me. The Boy got a kick out of that comment but was okay with me tossing the spooky bunny in the trash, whew!

I have my buffet table all decked out with Easter goodies this month.

However, it didn't come out eggs-actly (hee-hee) as I would have liked. I'm sure you'll know without me having to tell you what is bothering me...


Unfortunately, the corner edge of the table is sharing space with a big blue plastic water jug that my husband insisted go there. After all, he says (only halfway teasing me), "The table should hold THINGS, not just decorations!".

Whatever! I will find a new home for that water bottle soon and get my buffet back!


That jar should be filled with candy but I have two reasons for not filling it quite yet. #1. Danny would think it should be filled with something healthy like dried beans instead of jelly beans! #2. I was afraid the kids would knock the bunny bowls over trying to sneak into the jar to get candy!


The Easter Bunny is going to take all the plastic eggs from the large jar, fill them with treats, and hide them in the house for the kids to find on Easter. I am partial to the polka dotted ones, I think they are so cute!


These sweet little bunny bowls are from work, as is the paper garland. You can use it to spell out whatever you like. I love the colors for Easter but I think it would be fun for a birthday party too.


Is the Easter Bunny coming to your house this weekend too?


Robin said...

at least the water jug is blue and kind of blends in! :-)

Holly said...

Think of it like it was an ugly vase you got from your great aunt Gertie for your wedding and have to display it... decorate around it! Maybe you can find some cute stickers or window clings to put on it so that it blends in.