Thursday, January 26, 2012

I have a baby?!

There have been moments over the last few weeks, usually right when I'm heading to bed, where it hits me. I'll be doing my usual routine (take out contact lenses, wash face, brush teeth, moisturize, brush hair), the same routine I've done over and over and it will suddenly cross my mind that there is something different. I'll turn off the bathroom light and go into the bedroom and see the bassinet and the thought flashes through me..."I have a baby!".


It's silly, of course.

I mean, I knew this was coming. I was pregnant for nine months, so I had plenty of time to prepare for the whole idea!

But there is nothing that prepares you for seeing this little person in person! Nothing that prepares you for the ache in your heart when he smiles at you with his blue almond-shaped, smiling eyes. Nothing like holding his warm body, sniffing his velvety-soft head and cradling his tiny bottom as he sleeps on your shoulder.


I keep catching myself off-guard by the whole thought...I have a new baby! I love this little guy so much already and find myself daydreaming about our future together. In a few months, I'll be giving him his first solid foods. This summer, he'll be sitting up and crawling and by Christmas this year, I fully expect him to be toddling around the house (and trying to climb up the stairs!).

At 9 weeks old, Baby D is already holding his head up so well, he's sleeping 6-8 hours straight at night (we'll be moving him into his crib very soon) and he's constantly offering smiles, coos and giggles.


The time goes so quickly.

In no time at all I'll be dizzy with the thought of having a toddler!

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