Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Boy and the Baby

This is my oldest with my youngest.

The Boy is loving that he's able to hold the baby now. I think he must ask me to hold him, oh, about 25 times a day (I'm not kidding!).


When The Boy was born on December 9th, he was 6lbs 13oz, a tiny little squirt with an enormous head!

Baby D was born on November 25th, exactly two weeks before his brother's 8th birthday, at 7lbs 8 ozs with a head only in the 5th percentile.


The Boy's eyes were dark brown when he was born but Baby D still has blue eyes. My eyes are brown and my husband's eyes are hazel so I'm not sure they will stay blue but for now they are very pretty. I'm definitely not used to looking at blue eyes!


When The Boy was 6 weeks old, I had to return to work. We lived with my parents at the time so it was convenient. I could leave him to sleep at home and not have to wake him to drive him anywhere.

I have only two weeks left of my maternity leave before I have to report back to work. And I'll admit it, it brings me to tears to think about it. Baby D will be 10 weeks old, so I'm glad for the extra time I had with him. I am already cringing about having to wake up at 5:15am every day to feed & change the baby, get myself ready, get the older kids ready and get us driven to four different places in the morning so I can get to work on time.


When The Boy was a baby he would wake and cry when he was laid down. I spent the first few months with him laying on my chest to sleep or holding him while we slept together in a recliner. He was addicted to his pacifier and would wake and cry if it fell out, which meant I was getting up a lot to put the plug back in!

Fortunately Baby D is a great sleeper and falls asleep even when I lay him down still awake. I've made sure to put him down to nap in different locations during the day (in his bassinette, on a blanket in the living room, in his car seat) and he doesn't mind being in noise or in complete quiet. He currently sleeps in his bassinette on my husband's side of the bed, swaddled and wrapped in a blanket. Last night he slept 9 1/2 hours straight, which was unusual, but wonderful! Generally he sleeps about 4-5 hours at night. He'll start sleeping in his crib next week so we'll see how that goes.


Every once in a while, I'll hold him while he sleeps. The Boy was anxious to hold him and Baby D was so comfortable, he went right to sleep!

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Allison said...

So SO sweet! I love it when my big girl asks to hold her baby sister!! I have a special bond with my sister and I love to see it between other kids :)