Tuesday, January 17, 2012


The kids own a Jenga game. They've only played the game once, but they play with the blocks every single day.

They received the game for a birthday last year. Apparantly the game came with a plastic guide that allows you to stack the game tower easily but they mistook it for trash and threw it out.

We stacked the game ourselves once and played as a family and then the kids took the game in their room to keep with the rest of their toys. On a daily basis, I hear them dump the Jenga blocks out of the tub during play time.

I've seen them use the blocks to create ramps for small balls. The blocks have been used to make roads for Hot Wheels vehicles. But most often, the blocks are stacked to house Lego characters, like this.

The Boy called this his Empire State Building.


I love open-ended toys that spark the imagination.


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