Tuesday, December 14, 2010

5 Random Thoughts for Tuesday

1. Today I was going to get the stitches taken out of my finger today. I got myself all psyched up to do it and then my mom called to remind me that she & my dad are going to a church function tonight and need me to pick up my son & nephew at a certain time after work so they can get to dinner on time. Oh well, the psyched-up feeling will have to last until tomorrow!


2. This picture of my husband with the kids was taken the day we went to get our Christmas tree, the day of "the incident" that resulted in me having to get stitches!
They look so cute all bundled up. It was chilly that day and then it was 90 degrees this weekend! It's expected to rain by the end of the week, you just don't know what to expect from the weather lately.


3. I posted this picture of our dining room set last week, snagged off the company's website. My sweet sister-in-law laughed when she came over to our house for The Boy's birthday party and saw the table in person. She'd not been to our new place and thought that this photo was of our house! Nope, sorry, no fake ficus plants, no perfect lighting, no trio of lovely windows and definitely no lush and green view like that!

4. The Tale of the Two Cakes - If you were early enough to our wedding that you helped set up the tables, you would have seen this cake. This (minus the flower on top) is what was delivered...much different than the lush, handpiped floral design that I'd been led to believe I'd be getting when I placed my cake order! Instead we were given a sugar photocopy of my invitation stuck on two sides and a sloppy frosting job (with a fingerprint on the back!)


To say I was crushed was an understatement. I was brutally disappointed. The cake was pretty much the one big splurge for us. Everything else (besides the luncheon food) was being created by us from the floral arrangements to the table settings and all done on a budget. But the cake...We'd talked about the design at length. She'd even requested paint color samples and a copy of the invitation so she could match the colors that she was going to handpipe onto the draping.

Fortunately Danny's aunt is a florist and was able to salvage the look with clever hydrangea clusters and it came out so pretty.


I did however write a rather nasty little email to the bakery about two weeks ago (well, it was nasty for me...business-like but got my point across that I was displeased). I've not heard a response from them.

5. I haven't taken a gosh darned picture of my new place yet! I need to work on that...

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