Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wild Wild Week - Hot Links

The day that the kitchen table got scratched, Danny & I had prepared a great big Sunday breakfast. My friend had mentioned how she baked her bacon in the oven and how crisp & unmessy it came out so we did that too...yum!! Then Danny pulled out a big bag of sausage links from Costco and put those on the baking pan and put them in the oven to bake too. I made some scrambled eggs and waffles on the new waffle iron and we sat down to eat. The sausage wasn't done cooking so we just left it in the oven and Danny said he'd eat it for breakfast during the week.

After eating and getting dressed, we realized that we were actually early enough to make it for the first church service, so we hurried to the car and drove the 20 minutes to church.

Why was the parking lot so full? Oh, because we weren't actually 10 minutes early, we were 20 minutes late...service started at 9am, not 9:30. Oops...We got the kids into their classes and found a seat towards the back (we are usually right in the front row).

The Worship (singing) part of the service was just ending and the Pastor made his way up. There was a video showing on the screen about keeping the "spirit" in Christmas and showed how all good intentions can go awry when you try and do everything during the holidays. In one scene, it showed a pan of sugar cookies burnt to a crisp.

"HONEY!", Danny whispered sharply to me. "I forgot to take out the sausage".

We sat for about half a minute just staring ahead in silence.

"Did you turn off the oven?", I finally asked.

"No, it was on about 400. I turned it up to cook the sausage faster".

Another half minute pause and then he said, "I'll be back!" and bolted out of his chair.

About a half-hour later, he was back. Burnt to a crisp, but not a disaster. The smoke alarm wasn't going off or anything. But he laughed about sausages which looked like linked charcoal dog poop. *whew* At least it wasn't me this time!

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