Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Family Festivities

We don't yet have a computer in the new house so I'm a little behind on uploading my pictures and getting to some new posts because I still have to do photos at my parent's house on their computer. You'll never know how much it bugged me that it's taken me this long...Oh well, I'll be ordering the computer soon enough!

We started the festivities out on the 23rd with a party at a friend's house. I got to hold a baby...squeal!!

Next up was Christmas Eve. I wanted to get house cleaning out of the way so I spent two hours doing just that while my husband and son were out shopping with the rest of the last-minuters. We went to church service and then over to my parent's house for dinner and gifts.

Eating chestnuts

Me & my honey

PhotobucketMy mom, opening up snuggly pink jammies

This was the first year that the kids had bought gifts from the "Secret Shoppe" at school and they were incredibly excited about giving. It was so sweet to see them pass out their wrapped presents for each of us, practically giddy with the excitement.

My dad, just about to be gifted with a "lizard" in a bottle of goo

We picked up The Girl on the way home, set out milk and gingerbread men for Santa and put them into bed. I told them to close their eyes and listen for Jingle Bells and I tell you, that was the quickest they've EVER fallen asleep! Seriously, can I try that every night??

They woke us the next day at a quarter to seven and we staved them off for another fifteen minutes before heading downstairs. Santa had left Leapfrogs for each of them, with some games to share and each child has a set of headphones (Santa must just know we didn't want to hear all that racket...smart guy!)

I'd asked for some new clothes from Old Navy and a pair of New Balance Toning Shoes (both of which Danny took me out personally to choose myself) as well as a Shark Steam Pocket Mop (I'm practical, if nothing else). When they'd got back from the store on Christmas Eve, I was in the shower and my son shouted, "Don't come out!" (suspicious...). Over lunch, Danny told me that the store had been sold out of the mop which wouldn't have been a surprise to me, I've seen the infomercial on quite a bit. But then later when I was tidying up The Boy's room he yelled up the stairs, "Whatever you do, DON'T look under my bed!" (again, suspicious!).

So of course, the mop was sitting under the tree on Christmas morning and Danny took it for a spin on the kitchen floor, so that was a treat in itself! He loved telling everyone later how he'd briefed The Boy in the car not to spill the beans about the mop. We'll he certainly didn't let the secret out, but he wasn't particularly subtle either!


All smiles on Christmas morning

My mother-in-law came over to watch the kids open the rest of their gifts and a good time was had by all. I cooked up a big breakfast and we all sat around the kitchen table to eat after the wrapping paper had been cleared up. The kids played upstairs with their new toys until it was time to leave for our Christmas Day stops.

The Girl with her Lalaloopsy in front of my uncle's tree

We headed out first to my side of the family and visit with my dad's brothers and sisters. The kids had a great time running around in the front yard, my dad held the baby, Danny ate a huge plate of food, and I got to chat with all my aunts, uncles and cousins!

Dad and the baby

My nephew

The time moved so quickly and we needed to move onto the next stop, Danny's aunt & uncle's house. A wonderful spread, Danny ate another huge plate of food, his uncle took the kids for a long walk and I got to chat with his aunt & my mother-in-law.

Afterwards, we all headed out to another aunt's house for a bit more feasting, lots more chatting, and some whiskey and poker until after midnight. By the time we flopped into bed at 1:30am, I was absolutely wiped out. Happy...stuffed...and wiped out!

Danny and cousin Michael (obviously this hand wasn't going well for him!)

Still recovering... wishing everyone a Happy New Year. See you in 2011!!

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