Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine Ninjas

The Boy's grandma in Utah sent him a Valentine's card with a 10 spot inside. Wow, was he excited! He's been eyeing these new Lego Ninjago thingys in the store so he knew exactly what he wanted to buy.

I have to say "thingys" because I have no idea what exactly they are. Sort of a blend of Beyblades and Legos with Pokemon thrown in, I guess?

All that matters it that The Boy knows exactly what to do with them!

Reading the directions

There is this figure that stands on top of the spinning thingy and you battle with a friend to see who can knock the other person's figure off.

Such a boy...dirty fingernails!

It came with trading cards as well, which is why they remind me of Pokemon. Not that I know anything about Pokemon either, I just remember seeing all the trading cards scattered all over the house!



Little things make them so happy. What are you doing to make someone happy this Valentine's weekend?


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Lee Anne said...

My son too recieved money from Grandparents and that is exactly what he bought!! He was so excited! The boys in our neighborhood LOVE all things Lego and Beyblade too! Our front porch is always a battleground!