Thursday, August 18, 2011

DIY PROJECT - Soap Sliver Pocketed Washcloth

It's been almost 9 months since my husband and I got married and I've slowly discovered this little idiosyncrasy about him.

My husband has this thing about not using up the last bit of something.

This is odd, because he's extremely frugal and doesn't like to waste. There have been many a discussion about the leftovers in the fridge that don't get eaten or how that backpack with the holes in the bottom just needs a little patching; no need to purchase a new one! So I just don't understand why that new jar of Nutella needed to be opened when there is still enough for 3 more servings in the first jar? What was wrong with that last capful of dishwashing detergent...why did a new bottle have to be used already? Or why does he have two tubes of toothpaste on the bathroom counter when there is probably a week's worth of brushing still in the first tube?

After staring at the slivers of Dove soap that he had piling up in the soap dish in the shower, I knew there was something I could make that would put those leftover bars to work.


So I made a pocketed washcloth where he could slip in those leftover bits and lather up to his heart's delight, happy in the knowledge that he wasn't being wasteful by unwrapping a fresh bar when these other pieces weren't quite done yet.

Or at least, that's my idea (and the point I'm trying to get across to him!).

I bought an inexpensive washcloth. I folded it up to resemble an envelope, folded up longer on the bottom and not as much on the top. I marked the center with some disappearing ink and pinned in place.


I sewed up the sides of the cloth (had to hand-crank the machine over the very thick sections), then sewed a double-stitch on each side of my pins.


I cut the cloth along the marking and now had two pocketed washcloths. I simply slipped the soap slivers inside and set it inside the shower. Now my husband uses the washcloth as normal except now the soap lathers from the inside out without him having to rub it on a new soap bar first!

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