Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mobile hang-ups

After making a few sketches, I still couldn't really bring myself to actually decide on a firm pattern for the sea creatures I'm going to make for the nursery mobile. I'd expected at this date to actually have things cut out and started, but no, not yet...

My original sketches were way too big, like actual stuffed animal/cuddling size and that's not right (imagine those hanging up in a room, that would be some monster-sized mobile!).

I think I have decided to just do them in more of a flat style instead of round and three-dimensional. The math wiz (ha!) in me just couldn't get the grasp of designing anything remotely three-dimensional, so flat it is. I will be adding fluff inside to puff them out a little and I'll be adding trims and details to them to add some lift to them and make them look not so flat.

I just don't want them looking "cartoony". I do want a colorful but more true-to life-look. So I'm definitely back to the drawing board (so to speak, and literally too, I guess...).

In the meantime, Sew4Home has added a few more cool nursery projects to their website and I'm printing them as they come up. Check these out!

A fabric covered tissue box holder, who doesn't need one of these! I have so many scraps, I could make one of these for each room in the house...hmmmm....

Grommetted curtains, which I'd make with a blackout lining. I'm thinking solid turquoise with a red trim would look great in the room.

Fitted sheets. I want red gingham!

A pleated crib skirt, which is probably more appropriate in a boy's room than the ruffled version. I have more of the crab fabric that inspired the room, so I'd probably use that in one of the middle panels and have each panel be somewhat different all the way around and then have a solid turquoise in the creases to tie it together.

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