Monday, May 7, 2012

Bottled up

If I were able to stay home full-time with him, it would be a different story.

But with me working outside of the home and with Baby D nearly a half of a year old, I'm cutting back on the nursing schedule. I'm heading into my busy season at work and taking 20-minute breaks twice a day to pump in the supply closet is cutting into my work day.

And he's supplementing with regular ol' formula just fine. In fact, he seems to spit up a lot less with the formula. And he's also doing well with eating the fresh baby food we puree for him. He likes to hold his own bottle but he's a bit of a slob with it.

I'm still nursing once in the morning, pumping once during the day at work (or feeding him on the weekends) and then nursing once more at bedtime. In between we supplement with formula. Eventually I'll only be nursing in the morning & night and not pumping at all and at some point I won't have much to offer. This is what I did with The Boy as well and he was completely weaned at 14 months. I used a "don't offer, don't refuse" technique and it worked out just fine for us at that time.

Not sure how it will work with Baby D though. He's a bit more of a Mama's Boy, I think. He has started crying when I hand him off and turns back to me. On the other hand, he's a much better sleeper and has fewer digestive issues than The Boy had. The Boy was not able to sleep alone and had to either be held or laid next to me to sleep, whereas I am able to lay Baby D in bed while still awake and he has taken to sucking his thumb.

These first 5 months have absolutely flown by and his little infant stage is nearly over. Soon enough, he'll be sitting up, crawling and then walking. I am already looking around the house and noticing all the changes we'll have to make once he's mobile (putting a gate & lattice on the stair rails, plugging all the electrical sockets, removing all the little gadgets from the side tables, etc).

Those naked gums will soon have pearly whites and he'll burst out his first words.

Can't they just stay little forever?

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Mary said...

He is so sweet!!

I've been back at work for about 6 weeks and my supply hasn't stayed up, even with pumping twice a day and going home at lunch to nurse Annalise. but she tolerates formula just fine, so I figure I'll do what I can to make it work! We're about a month behind you though (Annalise was born 12/29).