Tuesday, May 15, 2012


We knew it was coming. I spotted it Saturday morning and then it promptly disappeared. It reappeared and disappeared a few more times that day. And the following morning it was back, along with its neighbor!

Baby D has his first tooth...err, TEETH!

Yep, his first tooth erupted on Saturday and by Sunday morning he had two little white lines across his bottom gums.

It's proven to be next to impossible to take a picture of the teeth though, because he keeps rubbing his tongue across them when we open his mouth.

Unfortunately, all this tooth developing has made Baby D a grump at night.

We've tried chilled teethers, infant drops, Oragel and longer-than-usual nursing sessions but he's been having a harder time settling down in the evenings. His usual bedtime routine of laying him down at 7:30pm and having him pretty much fall asleep on his own has been pushed back to closer to 9 or 9:30pm by the time he's finally asleep (after him crying and wanting to be rocked and held a little longer).

I'm not pushing him back to his old routine, by no means. I know that he just needs the extra snuggles a little more right now and I'll give him what he needs until he's ready to start self-soothing at bedtime again.

Even if that means I'm up at 1:30am like I was last night. I can't complain, really...that hasn't happened in a long time!

Live and learn for sure. When The Boy was a baby I would have been more stressed out about trying to keep the routine. Now I know that it's nothing to worry about and that in fact, pushing them too much causes more stress from both parent and kid. The baby definitely picks up on that so I'll snuggle him a little extra when he needs it...we both benefit from a little extra loving!

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