Friday, August 3, 2012

8 months - On the Move!

Sorry for the camera battery charger is MIA and I was hoping to upload more pictures for my next blog post but, *sigh* still trying to find the charger so you get what you get...

Today I am 8 months and 9 days old.


I'm a pretty busy guy, you know, crawling, pulling up, playing Pat-a-Cake, eating table food...who has time for a nap?

Now that I know how to crawl, I keep busy by getting into places that I don't know how to get out of by myself. At home, I like to hang out by the staircase because it makes Mommy very nervous (I even got to the second step when Daddy was in the other room!). I like to get into the bathroom too and sometimes I try to open the sliding pocket door when people are inside. They love that one, I always get a big reaction!

I pull myself up on anything I can reach, you know, the coffee table, the edge of the staircase, laundry baskets, Mom's legs...


I like to put everything in my mouth, especially the edge of this ottoman. It's perfect for gnawing on since I'm trying to work out my upper teeth. It's a bummer just having the bottom two because I'm drooling like a crazy man and these bibs they put on me every hour sometimes clash with my outfits, sheesh.


When I'm at Grandma & Grandpa's house, they put me in the walker outside and I get to push myself around on the grass. I'm just too busy having fun to take a nap and sometimes I only sleep ten minutes before I'm ready to get up and start it all again!


I am getting better at picking up my puff snacks off the highchair tray, though sometimes I still get one in my fist and don't know how to get it into my mouth. I started eating Cheerios last week, they are so yummy! And yogurt melts, seriously...don't get me started!

I like to yell at Mom & Dad when they aren't fast enough with the next spoonful of chicken pasta and peas. And don't even try to give me that smooth puree stuff, I will just cry because I want texture!


Yeah, Itsy-Bitsy-Spider is my favorite song and I'll do the hand movements sometimes when I want you to sing it with me. I learned to clap last week, which makes Pat-a-Cake so much easier! But pretty much any song you sing to me will put a smile on my face. I even like to sing along with a "la-la-la".

I don't really do too much other talking though, right now shouting is my vocal of choice. Once in a while I'll say "mama" when I'm crabby and I need her attention and I said, "ba" when Mommy was giving me a bath. Other than that, I'm a great mimic and will imitate you if you blow rasperries, cough or sneeze. Sneezing is the best, I love that one!

Bath time is my favorite part of the day. Mommy puts me in the tub and I splash all the water out onto the floor... and all over Mommy! I don't even mind when she pours the water over my head, in fact I like it.


Yeah, I'm a pretty smart cookie.

Hey, speaking of you have one to share?


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