Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Maybe you never knew...I USED to have a crummy phone

I was prepared to write a Maybe you never knew about my antiquated cell phone and how frugal my husband and I are and how we didn't even have texting and that my phone was for one purpose and one purpose only and that was to make phone calls... but then something happened.

My husband lost his phone.

Poof! Just like that it was gone. He recalls his last conversation with the insurance adjuster (someone hit our truck in a parking lot) while he was at work last week and then he doesn't know where his phone went. He spent a good part of the weekend deep-cleaning the car and pulling the trunk apart, searching for his phone.

Danny's old phone

Nothing. Gone. Bye-bye lame phone!

In any case, he needed a phone, of course. We don't have a landline so our two cell phones are the only way we can be reached. We knew the day would come where we'd have to take the leap into the 21st century and get Smart Phones. We'd mumble to people, "Sorry, I don't have texting". I think Danny's tipping point came when a man from Ghana laughed out loud when Danny told him this, as if everyone in the world had texting, even those from remote areas of Ghana for the love of Pete!

Danny's phone wasn't quite as remedial as mine (his had a flip top, ooohhh!) but it was still the second cheapest phone you can buy at guess as to who had the cheapest phone?

I had to search "Old Samsung Cell Phones" to find this image of my old phone. The website I found this image on (from 2009, when I got my phone) actually said that Samsung unofficially called this phone "their first mobile phone especially designed for old people". That pretty much seals the deal, doesn't it! I needed something new.

So if hubby was getting a new phone, I was getting one too...hurray! My phone was three and a half years old and in the electronics world, that might as well be a hundred years, right?

This is what I got...
Samsung Galaxy S-4G

The funny thing about this whole process is that my husband and I are like 80-year olds when it comes to all things "Smart phone" related. Texting? Apps? Touch screen? Widget? Camera phone? It's fascinating and frightening at the same time. So much to learn, I feel like I'm years behind on all the cool trends.

I can navigate the internet like a pro on a desktop computer but my husband is less knowledgable in that area. But when it comes to the phones, we are both pretty much in square one together. I think my favorite part was when we texted each other for the first time to try it out (we were in the same room) and he laughed and said, "Look, our writing is in a cartoon bubble!" I, at least, knew that's what it looked like when you texted!

So who will have the old-person phone now? It's being handed down to my parents, (certified grandparents) to replace their pay-as-you-go Trac-phone with buttons large enough to press with the palm of your hand.

You're welcome, Mom. Or maybe I should say, I'm sorry? You'll be next in line for an upgrade, okay?

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John Wright said...

I have an old phone, quite adequate for me, what I need is the facility to download photo's, as I lost the apps when I had a new hard-drive, and have been trying to locate this app.