Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Walk the Line

My little guy has started standing on his own.

This summer I'd picked him up his first official pair of shoes.

I call them "official" because he has other shoes...they were just never worn. They might have been impractical (as in, difficult to put on and/or fell off his feet immediately). They might have also been too small (as in, they sat in the drawer too long and then when mommy pulled them out we couldn't even squeeze his fat toes into them!).

These official shoes were purchased on the Pediped website at a steal, only $15 (when $35-50 seems to be their average price for infant shoes). He wore them off and on for about a month. By the time we went to Disneyland, Baby D was growing so quickly that the shoes fit when I put them on him Friday and by the time Daddy tried to put them on him Sunday, we could no longer get his heel into the shoe!

And so these official, and barely worn, Pedipeds will be listed on Ebay.

I had told my husband that I would not be purchasing any more shoes until Baby D started walking but I think that time is fast approaching. I don't like to see him in his bare feet outside the house (in the church nursery, for instance, I think his feet should be covered). So I've been putting socks on him, but that isn't always the best because they can be slippery when he's walking around furniture.

I know what I want for him...Something with a flexible sole, not stiff so he can still feel the ground when he walks. Something lightweight and not heavy on his foot. Something that can be machine washed. Something that is good for everyday in a neutral color and that doesn't have a character printed on it. And something reasonably priced. I mean, really he's going to outgrow these shoes and need something new every few months at the rate he's growing!

I did a search online for "baby shoes". I didn't even torture myself by looking at little girl shoes (polka dots, just stop me now!) but this is what I've found for baby boys.


Really? $86 for a shoe...for a ONE YEAR OLD?! I've never bought myself a pair of $86 shoes. It's a stretch for me to even spend half that amount! And these don't even look like they'd be good for a new walker with that stiff-looking sole. Moving on...


Not big on characters on shoes, but far as character shoes go these Elmo shoes are actually not bad. Elmo is tiny and the red shoe is cute.

I draw the line at these, this Spiderman shoe...I think they are awful! I hate flashing shoes, they just aren't my cup of tea, I guess.


Unless of course, your child only wears solid color blue, green or yellow, they are going to look ridiculous if they happen to be a print other than this plaid. I can appreciate a fun plaid but on a shoe, it just seems impractical.


Can't go wrong with a classic white Stride Rite. Pretty sure this is what I was wearing as a baby.

These black and white sneakers are a close runner up. Classically styled and matches anything.


Too cute!! And these look like they'd be comfortable.


Awww...soft and fluffy inside, I can just picture my boy stomping around in these brown leather boots with the red star on the side. And they have velcro closures, which means they would be easier to put on. I love them!!


Seriously? Little dragon shoes? These are too adorable. I see babies wearing this style all the time but I think they must have narrow feet because can't get Baby D's wide, fat piggies into these elastic backed shoes at all.


I have a loving spot for Converse. They last so long without falling apart, they can be machine washed and dried and they are just so sweetly classic and cute. The Boy had them in red, blue and black as a toddler and just got a new pair with a Batman design. And at $17.99 (plus some sort of discount coupon at Kohl's and Kohl's Cash?!), what a steal! Think I found my winner...now to go shopping.

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