Monday, June 27, 2011

Beauty Shop

So it took me a few days to get the photos of my new hair-do. My husband and I went on a Marriage Retreat/very belated honeymoon this weekend and unfortunately everytime he points the camera my way he seems to have the most difficult time focusing properly!

At the Hyatt Grand Champions in Palm Springs

I turned the camera over to The Boy this evening and he seems to have a better handle on how to focus.

Unfortunately first I had to allow him some hair styling beforehand. He wielded both a comb and a brush, one in each hand, and proceeded to circle me, swishing hair this way and that.

VERY windswept!

First my hair was pushed forward into my face. Then he brushed it all back, with his hand pressing onto my bangs in an attempt to get them to lay flat.

With my bangs combed into the middle...

There was a lot of giggling, alternating with a very serious face and pursed lips. I drew the line when he said, "Let me just add a little water..."

Getting closer...

After I humored him for a while (with silly photos in between), I was able to get a somewhat decent shot of my new hair.

A little bit more like how I've been wearing it.

It's much darker than usual, which I know will fade out a bit over the next few weeks. I also have short bangs across my entire forehead, which I've not had since I think The Boy was born. The style has been super-easy too. I've been able to just wash, comb through some lightweight anti-frizz cream and go.

I love that my hair is totally out of my face too (my crazy pet peeve). Over the weekend I was able to twist it up in back and secure with two bobby pins for a different look.


It's been such a big change for me, that I really do still jump a little when I look in the mirror!

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KJ said...

He is such a cutie pie. How sweet! And you are a good sport. That last shot is stunning!