Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Feelin' (not so) HOT HOT HOT!

I am a SoCal native and weather around here is generally pretty predictable. June can be gloomy in the early afternoon but it burns off and starts to heat up a bit. July is hot. August is hotter. September is the hottest, ewww, blech! October, still pretty darned hot (and our fire season). November, still warm during the day but cool at night. December, generally cool but don't plan on wearing a knitted Christmas sweater.

Let me say that this is what I experience in my neck of the woods, about 30 minutes from the beach. This is not what they would be experiencing in the coastal communities, where it may be 15-20 degrees cooler than the temperature in my area. Where as I might be scorching at 105 degrees, the beachgoers would be experiencing a warm 85 degree day with a lovely coastal breeze.


This year has bucked all tradition and we've had the coolest summer anyone can remember. The marine layer on the coast is either taking most of the day to burn off or it's not leaving at all, which has resulted in temperatures in the 60s, gray skies and a gloomy cast to the sky. And while all the San Diegans who live in coastal areas are whining about the cool weather and lack of sunshine, I can't complain because it's still 15-20 degrees warmer in my area and we have sunshine all day and the temperatures are in the low 80s, hurray! As one of my coastal-living friends said, "Of course you aren't complaining, you have MY WEATHER!".

Who knows what this all means... There has been speculation that this will mean our summer is just being pushed back & we'll be having warmer weather for longer in the year. Others say perhaps our summer will come on hot and heavy very soon. However just yesterday the weather man said that we will be experiencing a "cooling trend" next week to which my friend said, "Doesn't it have to actually be WARM for there to be a cooling trend?".


I say...summer ain't over yet. I've lived here long enough to know we still have plenty of warm weather headed our way. I wouldn't doubt that when my son goes back to school in 6 weeks, our temperatures will be over 100 degrees at that point. And then the coastal communities will be fussing about how darned HOT it is!


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