Monday, August 16, 2010

A Veggie Tale

I was never much of a fan of veggies growing up. It wasn't until I was older and the parental pressure to "eat your vegetables" was off that I gave veggies another chance. I discovered that I love potatoes (that aren't just in fry-form!), that avocado is especially lovely as guacamole, and that broccoli, cooked carrots and fresh green beans are absolutely delicious.

Having grown up as a "picky eater", I was determined that my son wouldn't feel that same pressure and hopefully he would be more open to trying new foods. And it's worked, he's definitely a very adventurous eater, has a big appetite and really enjoys eating veggies.


One of his favorite veggies is tomato. I recall when he was about two years old, we were at a party at my Grandpa's house and my son plucked a tomato straight off the vine and started biting into it just like it was an apple.


He convinced my mom a short while ago that they should grow their own tomatoes in the backyard. Everyday they check on the progress and recently pulled off their first yield!


I'm pretty sure he just ate this one straight-up too, right after I took this photo!

Now they have a patch of basil growing and he's been eating that raw too. Hopefully he can keep his hands off it long enough for me to get ahold of some and actually make something from it!

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