Friday, August 13, 2010

FIVE FOR FRIDAY - Under the Sea

A few weeks ago, my fiance took my son & I down to the jetty at the beach. He had his surf rod & was hoping to catch a fish for dinner that night. I'd not brought any beach-wear for my son but when he saw the water, he was ready to jump in! I was disgusted with myself that we have lived 30 minutes from the beach all six years of his life, and I'd never taken him to swim in the ocean! He stripped down to his underpants and happily jumped in the waves, it was great to see him enjoying the water.

As much as I dislike the sand that seems to get everywhere, the crowded parking lots and tourists, and all that nasty seaweed that tangles around my legs, there really is just something about the beach. The fresh saltwater smell in the air, the feel of the wet sand under your toes and the rush of getting hit by a wave. I think mostly I love the colors, those lovely blues and taupes, and the sparkle when the sun reflects against the water.

Here is another Etsy collection for Friday. I'm going to do a special feature on Fridays and highlight five Etsy designers in a particular theme, this week it's the sea. If you're not close enough to physically be near the ocean, hope this brings you a little of that beachy-feel.


Each one of these amazing pieces brings the beach a little closer. These nesting bowls are simply beautiful, isn't the color inside so lovely against the bright white? She has a large collection including some intriguing wall tiles that I bet would look fantastic against a dark painted wall.



I think one of the coolest things about these prints is that you can imagine them to be pretty much whatever you think of. A jellyfish? Sure! Scientific experiments under a microscope? Okay! A brightly colored flower garden? Alright! Each print is harmonious and so joyful to look at, I love so many of them.



Okay, so I think koi fish aren't really from the sea, are they? Seems more like a small lagoon or pond fish. But I couldn't resist including this pillowcover. The design is gorgeous and I love the contrast of light print against the dark fabric.



*SIGH* Isn't this piece so dreamy? There is that lovely soft blue again (there is also a coordinating pair of earrings in her shoppe) and I adore the hammered edge bar that is personalized with your choice of initial. And of course the pewter starfish just takes you straight to the ocean. Lots of gorgeous pieces here, many available for personalization.



I've always love watching the seahorse, such a strangely fascinating creature. I recall going to the aquarium where they had a tank of seahorses. Occasionally a wave would be created inside the tank and you could watch the seahorse grab ahold of the seaweed with their tail and ride the wave up and down, it was great! This print is so lovely with the soft blues and whites and then the unexpected swirls of bright pink.


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