Thursday, January 27, 2011

FIVE FOR FRIDAY - Bursting with Love

I wanna have a full out Valentine's Day party. I think it would be so fun to just invite people over, have a great dinner, eat sweets and enjoy the love and friendship of a group of people. I think I'm really just itching to entertain, it's been so long since I've had my own place...well, of course I can't just throw a party, I have to run it by my husband. He likes to entertain too and I know he'd want a say in the details. He's like me in that way, once we have a little seed planted in our heads, our brains start spinning into action and we start thinking of plans.

But sometimes (ladies, are you with me?), we have to plant that seed into the gentlemen's heads because they just aren't thinking so far ahead as to realize that Valentine's Day is just around the corner. I'm not that kind of gal who lets an event pass and then say, "Oh my goodness, I can't BELIEVE you forgot!!" because then not only would he be mortified and mad at himself, I'd be disappointed that he didn't remember. Plant that seed a few weeks in advance...I find that printing something out as a BIG HINT from online and putting it somewhere I know he'll see it just makes the best sense. Then he knows exactly what you need/want!

So here's a FIVE FOR FRIDAY, inspired by Valentine's Day (because you know it's just around the corner, right guys!)



Speaking of Valentine's Day parties, isn't this just the cutest set-up?! I think everything looks so much more delicious when it's coordinated and packaged and tied up in a pretty little bow, know what I mean? You'll get the PDF so you can print at home to your heart's content.



So I was planning on baking and decorating some heart-shaped cookies for The Boy and The Girl to take to school but I can BET YOU mine won't be looking this gorgeous! Seriously, look at the detail on these amazing cookies, I'm sure my poor hand would be a cramped mess by the third cookie. And at the variety of flavors you can choose...Meyer Lemon? Tahitian Vanilla? Bring it on!



Seriously, this is just one of the most precious personalized things I've seen around. More meaningful than just your child's name, it's an actual drawing of your child's made into a silver key chain. So perfect for Daddy or Grandpa...or me actually, I love it! The hard part would be choosing which artwork to use.

Edited to add this special offer:
Rita from Surfing Silver would like to offer FREE USA shipping through Feb. 1, 2011. Convo her at etsy so she can make them a custom order with the free shipping. Mention the "Five for Friday" post or the Painted Butterfly Blog in order to get the offer.



Need a little something for Mom? This is sure to be a hit, especially if she has a sense of humor. Fill it flowers first and she'll love it even more!



It's been a long time (many months in fact) since I've listed any of my own items, but here we go! I finally have some ready-to-ship items in my shop, all Valentine's inspired, including ready-to-ship girl's boutique clothing & accessories and home decor.

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Anonymous said...

Rita here from surfingsilver, thank you so much for featuring my cute children's artwork pendants, charms and keychains. I really appreciate you sharing my items and would like to offer free USA shipping to your viewers through Feb. 1, 2011. They will need to convo me at etsy so I can make them a custom order with the free shipping. Tell them to mention the "five for friday" post or the Painted Butterfly Blog in order to get the offer.

Sharon said...

Omigoodness! I love those silver artwork pieces!!! But I agree, it would be impossible to pick which one I'd want done! I'm going to have to save this link though....

Painted Butterfly Studio said...

Thank you Rita, I'll be sure to post this in its own thread so that all my readers see it!

KJ said...

I love love love those pendants!!!