Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday - Angel Chicken

Yesterday evening while at the grocery (picking up something I'd forgotten for this recipe) I started feeling a bit icky. My stomach was aching and cramped and I felt sort of faint. Just had The Boy with me and Danny was at school till late, so I just headed home and rested. Fortunately The Boy is pretty self-sufficient (when he wants to be) and he was able to take a shower, get ready for bed by himself and was in bed by 7:30pm...he's always very sweet when he knows I'm not feeling well. Maybe I need to "not feel well" more often?

After eating a little, I was feeling better enough to get up off the sofa and prep today's Crock Pot meal. It's always wonderful to know that I only have to do minimal work to get dinner done, especially when I wasn't feeling 100%. I prepared the mix in the crock and I stuck it in the fridge overnight.

I worked from home today so I was able to double check (triple check?) that the cord for the slow cooker was plugged in! As you will recall my Rookie Mistake, I've actually since done this one more time since then, ugh!


I received this recipe from a friend, who received it from a mutual friend after having it at her house for dinner a few weeks ago. It received rave reviews from them and sounded really yummy, with minimal work.

Though this recipe calls for Angel Hair pasta (hence the name "Angel" chicken), I had leftover whole-wheat spaghetti from dinner a few days ago. Also, I only had 4 breasts instead of 6. But this just meant that there would be more sauce (which means...yum!)

Here is the recipe link for Angel Chicken

Well Danny and The Boy LOVED it! The recipe calls for cream cheese with chives in it but I just used plain. I sprinkled on the chives just before serving. I served it with a veggie mix of broccoli, squash and carrots. It was just fine with the whole wheat spaghetti and there was a great amount of sauce to cover the noodles. The chicken was tender and sooooo good! Danny never asked what was in the ingredients, just piled the food on his plate, ate and said it was delicious (whew!). The Boy asked if he could have some leftovers for his school lunch tomorrow. That's what I'll be having for lunch myself!

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I made a chicken crock pot recipe last night with some Fiesta Cheese soup and noodles. I'll share it with you because it's so easy!!!!!