Tuesday, November 9, 2010

11 days - Wedding Countdown

Teeny tiny bottles, with openings just this much too narrow for an M&M...darn it! So, I have another idea that I'll need to go with instead. Going to visit the bulk bins at the candy shoppe!


After a few test trials, I got some of the labels to print nicely. See that? With the words inside the sticker? Those were GOOD!


See this one, with the writing outside the sticker? NOT GOOD...naughty printer!


And this one, with the entire sheet of stickers that got eaten up and stuck inside so that I have to take the printer apart? Naughty, NAUGHTY printer!!


So when life hands you lemons and your printer doesn't want to cooperate anymore, you compromise...


...and pull out the Sharpie and finish the labels by handwriting them instead!

And here is a quick pic of my nails. My wonderful aunt did this gel French manicure for me to give my nails a chance to grow for the next week. I'll have the manicure done again next week just before the wedding, along with my toes.



Pink Apple Rose Boutique said...

Your handwritten stickers look beautiful! That will teach the printer to misbehave!

sharonj1017 said...

Darn printer!!! You're lucky your handwriting is so beautiful! I prefer that over the printed ones anyway!

Did you consider M&M minis? I don't know if they sell them at the bulk candy store in that size, so that may not be helpful, but just a thought.

Julie said...

yes, at least my handwriting is nice enough...LOVE my Sharpie fine point!!

Sharon, there is a candy shop near work so I'm going to take a bottle in there and see what they have that will fit. I'm even thinking of only filling it up with candy 1/2 of the way and then rolling up a scroll with a special thank you message (ala, "message in a bottle).