Tuesday, November 9, 2010

12 days - Wedding Countdown

Missed a few days of blogging, catching up on little details. And work, of course. And caring for a 6-year old. And attempting to clean, clear and begin packing up my bedroom to be moved into the new place.

That last thing is HARD. I've lived at my parents' house this time since I was 6 months pregnant (and my son will be 7 next month). Before that, I lived in random apartments but always stored quite a bit of stuff at my folk's house. Of course all my fabric bins will have to stay in the garage and seasonal stuff, too. I spent a few hours last week just taking clothes out of the closet and weeding through what I wanted to keep and what I wanted to give away. Then I found a box of mementos and old diaries and chucked a bunch of stuff. Bet the trash man is sitting at the dump right now reading my innermost thoughts from when I was 13, sigh!

This week I need to clear off and move the dresser and end tables out of my room and convince Neighbor Boy that he would like to prime and paint them this weekend while I'm at our wedding shower. Hopefully he'll welcome a painting project, he likes to stay busy.

Yesterday, I met with our officiant for the ceremony. He and his wife were our Pre-Marriage Counselors through the church. When we found out the pastor would be out of the country during our wedding date, this man was our quick runner-up! I'd received the documents in the mail from the county so I was able to deliver them to him yesterday for signing. He is going to rework the script in the ceremony because some of it was pretty dorky. Like have you ever heard anyone say, "Place the ring on her finger... Now, hold it there." That just sounds silly! There were some other equally awkward phrases in the script, so I gave the officiant free-reign to change it up as he saw fit and add some Biblical verses in as well. I just know it will be lovely, he has a great speaking voice and will make this very special for us and all our guests.

Spent yesterday evening painting little wooden blocks to use as our table numbers. I have a plan for the blocks using the kids so I'll show that to you all when I'm done.

Sent back the contracts and finalized a few other details with the venue coordinator. White linens with dove gray cloth napkins, placement of the cake table and music arrangements and equipment details (which is going to prove to be a bit of a pain!).

Wedding favors (those cute little bottles that hold candy and double as a place card) should be arriving today. Then I can see how large of an opening there is and hopefully it's wide enough to fit candies. Then I can decide what type of candy we want to include and buy them.

Today, picking up paint chips to match our invites. I don't think I'll have time today to take them to the bakery today though, that will have to be tomorrow. Then I have an appointment to meet my aunt, the manicurist, at her salon and have gel put on my nails. Next week I'll need to have some tips put on a few of the ones that have recently broken down low (darn you, dry weather that gives me brittle nails and rough skin!). I'm hoping that a hairstylist there will be available for a cut and color too so I can take care of that while I'm in the salon and not have to book another appointment.

Fingers crossed for the same result tomorrow as well when I take The Boy into the dentist. He has an abcess that will require the removal of his two upper front teeth. I pray that they will take care of that all tomorrow (since I have to take time off work and also take him out of school early) and pull the teeth when we go in and not have us book another appointment for the procedure.

Things are still coming together! Pictures of the table numbers and favors soon!

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Patty Reynolds said...

When my parents moved to Arizona in 2004 they made me take back all of the stuff I had been storing in my childhood home. This year I too finally got rid of some high school and early college journals. I doubt the trash man (or the reycling folks) read them but it was still hard to part with them. We had Daniel's uncle marry us (whom I met on our first date). It was really special to be married by someone who had seen our relationship grow. I'm glad you found someone to step in for your paster - especially someone who you seem so excited about.