Sunday, November 7, 2010

15 days - Wedding Countdown

Ugh, suit shopping.

That's about all I have to say about that...

Since we didn't have time to get the suit shopping done yesterday we decided to do a little look-see at the Kohl's on our way home tonight. Let's just say that taking two restless 6-year olds into a crowded store before they've had their dinner probably wasn't the wisest idea.

Add to that my fiance, who likes to take his time over decisions, the racks full of pants that were either too small or too big, ties that weren't the right color, and him deciding that he didn't think he wanted to wear a jacket and I was about near tears.

The dress shoes fit. I can repeat that like a least the dress shoes were right!!

So after 90 minutes of wrangling kids, pulling clothes into the dressing room and comparing the weave on various dress shirts we walked out empty handed. I think I'll chat with his mom and sister and see about going to an actual suit shop instead of someplace that sells mix and match separate dress clothes tossed in with the casual wear. I think that if he's put into the hands of a serious suit shop, perhaps he'll be less overwhelmed with the choices.

And I think they might be able to talk him into wearing a jacket.

I hope.

So, for tomorrow...

1. Work.

2. Getting the last of the invites in the mail. There were a few missing addresses but I have them nearly all squared away now.

3. Finalizing some more details with the venue and making the deposit payment.

4. Meeting with the commissioner who will be performing the ceremony. I have the certificate to give him and the sample ceremony words but we are going to figure out more of the details.

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sharonj1017 said...

We are big fans of Mens Wearhouse, if you have that chain near you. They have always done a very good job for Kevin and can help you find good deals too. And for altering, they will work with you and get it done as fast as needed (Kevin got one back the next day when it was an unexpected immediate need!). Good luck!