Monday, November 22, 2010

The Wedding that was -Part I was here this weekend and came and went so quickly. I had to stop myself many times during the day to remind myself to reflect, stop and breathe and take in the moment because I wanted to remember everything. During the reception, I kept thinking, "Oh, this is a great party" and then reminding myself, "Hey, this is OUR party!"


The day started off with me getting my hair done at 7am. Was a little concerned because the curls were quite curly but the hairdresser said not to fuss with them and that in three hours they would be tamed and could be brushed a little. She was right; by the time it was time to put on my dress, my hair looked perfectly wavy.

Went home, gave The Boy a bath, put on my make-up, he and I wrapped the bouquets with some white ribbon and waited for my parents to finish getting ready. We had put together the flower arrangements the day before in the milk glasses; lovely light green hydrangeas with white roses.


My dad and brother loaded up the cars with vases, votives, the wedding dress and favors and soon we were off to the venue. The sky was dark and gloomy and we had some sprinkles and mist. When we got there, the coordinator promised that they could wait until the last moment to set up the chairs and we could determine about 10 minutes beforehand where the ceremony would take place (either outside at the gazebo or inside the reception room).

I went with my mom and cousin (matron of honor) to the little dressing space they had set aside for me and they worked on getting me laced into my dress. Just as we were putting on the finishing touches, we received a call from the reception room. It was a friend, saying "We have to move it inside, it's raining again".


Oh well, really it was okay. I wasn't crushed because I always knew that this might be an option. The coordinator came over to get me and she draped her jacket over my hair and shoulders, held an umbrella over my head and with one person on each side holding up my dress, we made our way over to the room in the rain.

In another reception room, there was a group of ladies setting up for a baby shower. They graciously let me stand here so the coordinator could arrange getting the rest of the bridal party set up. There was a lounge inbetween our two reception rooms so she gathered up my fiance, matron of honor, best man, Ring "Bear" (The Boy) and Flower "Bear" (The Girl) and moved them into our reception room while I waited on the other side of the wall.


The coordinator came around the corner and waved me over. I walked through the lounge (where a group of men were watching football!) and stood behind the double doors next to my dad.

Tomorrow, the ceremony!

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