Thursday, November 11, 2010

9 days - Wedding Countdown

Random thoughts over the last two days...

Went to the candy shop today to find something in a reasonably small size to fit into the favor bottles. But I got there 30 minutes before they opened for the day and since I was on lunch break from work, there was no waiting around. This will have to wait until Monday.

Neighbor Boy was talked out of suspenders and he went with his mom to buy a suit. It looks great, I can't WAIT to see him in it!

Got my hair cut and colored and highlit (highlighted?) tonight. I don't know how women do this every 6-8 weeks?! It took over 2.5 hours. Seriously, am I just ansty and don't know how to enjoy being pampered but that just seems like a big chunk of time. My hair does look great though. I love the highlights and the color is very natural. And she blew it out so it looks so very silky and soft!

Finishing up painting the table number blocks tonight. I bought a cork board to use for the seating chart and the venue will have an easel set up for that.

I have gathered all the vases and cake stands that we'll need for the centerpieces. Each one is just a little bit different so they'll give just the right vintage elegance that I want. We'll be filling them with green hydrangeas and white roses. I actually bought them in silk so we could pose them in the vases and see how it will look and they are already so pretty I know they'll be stunning with the real thing! Thinking I may also collect up all the clear votive holders I have too and put in the light blue and lime green votive candles that I already own. Those would be so pretty on the tables. And they are Partylite, so they smell nice too!

Coming up for the weekend:
Picking up the rings
My wedding shower, hurray, that is going to be so much fun!
Possibly going out dancing?
Getting a hair cut for The Boy, he's way overdue.
Following up on the RSVPs, since I have to give a full headcount on Monday. Not that we didn't give everyone A TON of time or anything *wink!*

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