Sunday, November 14, 2010

6 days - Wedding Countdown



I think I've finally somewhat recovered from my Bachelorette weekend!

My throat still has the ill-effects from shouting over the band's music but other than that, I think I've turned the corner and am now exiting "Hangover-Ville".

The weekend started innocently enough (picking up the wedding rings) and ended with me pressing the air out of a plastic inflatable man that was left in my backseat (thank goodness he wasn't anatomically correct!).


Drove up to the outlet and picked up the wedding rings.
Bought stockings at the Hanes outlet, the cool ones with cut-outs at the toe so you can wear them with open-toed shoes. Not that my wedding shoes are open-toed, but I figured at least then I'd get a second shot at wearing the stockings, so long as I don't snag them.
Drove a 1/2 hour back down the hill and dropped off the apartment applications for the credit check.
Went to the Home Depot and got paint chips to coordinate with the invite and then took them to the bakery so she can match the colors on the wedding cake.
Home to shower and change and then off to my wedding shower!


If you had x-ray vision you'd see a cupcake carrier inside, with a box of cake mix and frosting too!

My cousin (and Matron of Honor) and her sister-in-law (who will be in charge of photography at the wedding) hosted the party. There were some cute games, yummy cake and some wonderful gifts that I can't wait to put to good use in our new place!

Who knew mixing bowls could be soooo hilarious!

As you can see from the pictures, I was tickled by the great company and had a perfect time, thank you to everyone who was able to come! I deeply appreciated it.

And that a chip and dip set was soooo shocking!

And that bow makes me downright giddy!

That evening four of us (Four Blondes and a Brunette) headed up to the casino for a wild night of drinking and dancing. We'll to be honest I wasn't expecting SUCH a wild night. I thought we'd have a drink, dance a little and be home by 11pm.

HA!! Boy, did I underestimate my evening companions. They met me with the "Bachelorette Box" which included a sash for me and a maribou feather trimmed tiara with a veil in back and glittering phallic symbols on bobbling wires over my head. After a drink...and a shot...I completely forgot I was wearing it...woohoo!

Unfortunately me and apple martinis don't like each other and even though I really did only have one drink and one shot I was feeling the effects. I certainly don't have that same reaction to margaritas or even whiskey sours. In any case, we weren't driving any where that night and my future mother-in-law was happy to come and pick us up at 1am. With a side trip through Jack in the Box for tacos and fried mozzarella sticks (except for me, I wasn't in the mood for adding anything greasy to my nausous stomach), we were home by 2am. I did take out my contact lenses and put on sweatpants but went to sleep with a full face of make-up for the first time in my life.


And this is why they say NOT to have your Bachelorette party the night before the wedding. My throat is so raw and scratchy, I've been guzzling water all day to rehydrate and took a nap this afternoon, not usually my forte.

Neighbor Boy was amused by the stories of last night, delighted in looking through his sister's camera at the photos of me dancing in the fluffy tiara and posing with the inflatable man that my cousin brought in my car. It was all harmless fun, a little (okay, a LOT) more drunken than I've ever been in my life, but it was really the wild night that a Bachelorette party should be!

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